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Amber Riya, originally hailing from the island of Malta, is a prolific musician and singer devoted to the healing power of sound. Over the past few years she has captivated the hearts of many, having sung in ashrams, festivals, retreats and yoga studios all over the world.

Leia and Amber collaborated for the Elemental Yoga Series to curate an atmosphere of sonic yogic abyss in honor of the five elements. Amber, often called “the temple singer,” shares her angelic voice with a collection of world instruments to transport the listener to deeper layers of existence. She’s created over 5 hours of original compositions of transcendental soundscapes to support your yoga practice. 

Her playlists fuse the organic sounds of nature with her masterful musical abilities, causing you to drift deeply into lush waves of sonic tones.

Amber and Leia met in Malta but both decided to move to a small fisherman surf village in Morocco in September 2018. They were inspired by the elements of Morocco; from the music to the lifestyle and nature, thus the Elemental Yoga Series was birthed. It was here where the girls where introduced to a local gnawa prodigy, Said Bonuono. Amber engineered Said’s first professional recordings, some of which are featured in the Elemental Yoga Series.

Amber’s alchemical sound enfolds the listener and brings a deepening and softening quality to spiritual practice. Using a variety of instruments including crystal singing bowls, harmonium, the Indian sarod, bells, chimes and her angelic voice, she weaves together a soundscape that gives the listener a taste of the heaven that lies within themselves. Amber has created pop-up recording studios throughout Morocco and Europe where she’s recorded the Elemental Series. Each playlist incorporates specially selected mantras, lyrics, and instruments to match the themed element.

This is by far Amber’s most prolific work, resulting in over five hours of music which strikes a pleasing balance between kinetic beats and soul-nourishing melodies.

Check her out: @amber_riya


Meet Said Bonuono

Said Bonuono is from Essaouira, Morocco. He eats, sleeps, and breathes Gnawa Music, the ancient African Islamic spiritual religious songs and rhythms. Said has been playing this style of music since he was a child and has become a true Gnawa Maalem, or master musician. You can feel Said’s purity and originality in his compelling and organic compositions. His music puts one in a trance; a deep journey inward through polyrhythmic explorations guided by the raw sounds of his devotional voice. Said Bonuono has captured the sound of musical and spiritual mysticism, a truly time-honored gift. It is an honor to feature and share Said’s talents with the world. Stay tuned for Said Bonuono on Spotify!